..thought a WOLF was a GHOST!!!

While we were camping in my portable tower earlier, Tam saw a wolf and thought, get this, she actually thought the wolf was a ghost. The ranger thought a wolf was a ghost.
The mage is a better ranger than this one.

We're Going on an Adventure

So, on our way to an elf-convent thing, we met this fighter, Dean.

What a cock. Seriously.
He's loud, he's rude, he's ugly as a hen's ass, and above all else, he said I was just a rogue.
Just a rogue.

What does that even mean? Like, you know,he's just a fighter.

Tam is an elf.

Who knew?

Tam had an idea. Everyone run.

Wow. Tam had a great idea. The first in her life, probably. She'll set up traps, and I'll disable them. I can tell her how to make them more difficult to disable, and she can give me tips on finding well-hidden traps.
Brilliant, no?

Back to Town

Back to town. Things will probably be boring for a while.
Not that I mind.
I need time to procure myself some gold.

Damn, there was air in that damn bubble...

Well, I ended up getting that helpless ranger out of that bubble. I mean, I had nothing else better to do...
...besides, having her in the party makes me look really smart.

Lady Arcadia;

- oh so beautiful and oh so evil. I'm lucky I got the drop on her or we'd all be charred mutton. Well, all but that damn ranger still in her protective little bubble. I hope there isn't any air in it.

The interrogation went less-smoothly. She burst from her restraints and killed my unknowing brother. Once again, we're lucky that the lovely Aamiya was there. Pelor gave her the speed and strength to bring him back.

Lucky, lucky him.
Lucky, lucky me.